What is the price target for JM Financial in 2025? (2024)

What is the price target for JM Financial in 2025?

Future price of the stock is predicted at 171.45369892109$ (65.416% ) after a year according to our prediction system. This means that if you invested $100 now, your current investment may be worth 165.416$ on 2025 February 18, Tuesday.

What is the share price target for Jmfinancil in 2024?

As per technical data, the minimum share price target in 2024 for JMFINANCIL is expected to be ₹110.53 and the maximum price target for 2024 will be ₹136.37.

Is JM Financial a good buy?

View 2 reports from 2 analysts offering long term price targets for JM Financial Ltd.. JM Financial Ltd. has an average target of 102.00. The consensus estimate represents a downside of -1.45% from the last price of 103.5000. Reco - This broker has downgraded this stock from it's previous report.

What is the dividend of JM Financial in 2023?

Financial Services stocks do not always pay a dividend but as JM Financial Ltd pays dividends to reward its shareholders. In the quarter ending March 2023, JM Financial Ltd has declared dividend of ₹0.90 - translating a dividend yield of 2.85%.

What is the target price of JM Financial stock in Moneycontrol 2023?

JM Financial is bullish on CMS Info Systems has recommended buy rating on the stock with a target price of Rs 460 in its research report dated October 26 2023.

What will be Suzlon share price in 2025?

Suzlon Share Price Target 2025: For 2025, the target fluctuates from ₹56 to ₹69, averaging at ₹63. Suzlon Share Price Target 2026: The target for 2026 spans from ₹70 to ₹86, with an average of ₹78. Suzlon Share Price Target 2030: Looking further ahead, the 2030 target is set between ₹172 and ₹210, averaging at ₹191.

What is the open stock forecast for 2025?

According to our Opendoor Technologies Inc. stock prediction for 2025, OPEN stock will be priced at $ 4.95 in 2025. This forecast is based on the stock's average growth over the past 10 years.

Is J and Ja good long term stock?

Johnson & Johnson is still a top pick for investors looking for a stable company whose dividend is safe. And while it is essential to monitor how its legal challenges develop, the company's stock is a buy regardless.

Is JM Financial overvalued or undervalued?

Is JMFINANCIL stock undervalued or overvalued? Compared to the current market price of 103.5 INR, JM Financial Ltd is Undervalued by 27%.

What is the old name of JM Financial?

JM Financial Limited was incorporated as a Private Limited Company under the name of 'J.M. Share and Stock Brokers Private Limited' on January 30 1986 under the Companies Act 1956.

What is the dividend declared by JM Financial?

At the current share price of ₹98.9000, JM Financial Ltd.'s dividend yield is 0.91%.
Ex-DateDividend AmountDividend Type
19 May 20230.90FINAL
24 Nov 20220.90INTERIM
07 Jul 20221.15FINAL
17 Feb 20220.50INTERIM
27 more rows

What is the history of JM Financial?

History. JM Financial was founded in 1973 by Mahendra Kampani and Nimesh Kampani as a spin-off from Jamnadas Morarjee Securities' investment banking arm and was originally set up as a consultancy practice. In 1986, it was incorporated as a private limited company to engage in the business of Stock-broking.

Which company will give dividend in 2023?

Dividend stocks 2023

1] Vedanta: Dividend declared by this company is ₹62.50 per share. In the year 2023, Vedanta declared dividends on four occassions. In 2023, it traded ex-dividend for the first time on 3rd February 2023 for payment of ₹12.50 per share interim dividend.

Who owns JM Financial?

The Kampani family's combined direct and indirect equity ownership of JM Financial Ltd is between 60% and 65%. Livemint called him along with Hemendra Kothari and Uday Kotak the "Three K's" of India's leaders in investment banking.

Which bank stock to buy in 2023?


Additionally, the bank has achieved expansion with its presence in the global market, having a network of operations overseas. Considered one of the best bank stocks to buy in India, this one may be a winner.

What is the PE ratio of JM Financial?

What is the current P/E ratio of JM Financial Ltd.? The P/E ratio of JM Financial Ltd. is 17.50 times as on 02-Feb-2024, a -0.33% premium to its peers' median range of 26.15 times.

What is the target of Suzlon in 5 years?

Suzlon Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, To 2030
Suzlon Share Price TargetPrice
Suzlon Share Price Target 2024₹50.00
Suzlon Share Price Target 2025₹65.25
Suzlon Share Price Target 2026₹68.28
Suzlon Share Price Target 2027₹75.08
4 more rows
Feb 9, 2024

What was the highest share price of Suzlon in 2008?

In 2008, Suzlon share price was at its peak at Rs 459 (4th January 2008). But as on 9th November 2021, Suzlon share price has plummeted to Rs 7.15. Suzlon is a penny stock now. A stock once adored by the stock market has now turned to be a wealth destructor.

Which share is best for long term?

best long term stocks
S.No.NameROCE %
1.Ksolves India171.27
2.Life Insurance148.72
3.Remedium Life102.61
4.Tips Industries88.63
23 more rows

What will sofi stock price be in 2025?

Long-Term SoFi Technologies, Inc. Stock Price Predictions
2025$ 9.6914.07%
2026$ 11.0630.12%
2027$ 12.6148.43%
2028$ 14.3969.31%
2 more rows

What is the fast stock price forecast?

The average price target for Fastenal Company is $70.83. This is based on 7 Wall Streets Analysts 12-month price targets, issued in the past 3 months. The highest analyst price target is $78.00 ,the lowest forecast is $63.00.

What is the Li stock price forecast for 2024?

According to our current LI stock forecast, the value of Li Auto Inc. shares will rise by 7.64% and reach $ 33.02 per share by February 21, 2024. According to our technical indicators, the current sentiment is Neutral while the Fear & Greed Index is showing 39 (Fear).

Is Johnson and Johnson a safe investment?

Johnson & Johnson has a massive footprint in healthcare, even after spinning off its consumer products segment. Fantastic financials give the company lots of flexibility to acquire growing assets strategically. Shares are attractive at the current price, and a safer stock is hard to find.

Should I invest in Johnson and Johnson now?

Reasons to buy Johnson & Johnson stock now

These days, J&J has just two operating segments that are both growing much faster than its old consumer health division used to. Last year, J&J reported pharmaceutical revenue that rose 7.2% year over year if you ignore rapidly evaporating sales of its COVID-19 vaccine.

Should I buy Johnson & Johnson stock?

Valuation metrics show that Johnson & Johnson may be undervalued. Its Value Score of B indicates it would be a good pick for value investors. The financial health and growth prospects of JNJ, demonstrate its potential to outperform the market. It currently has a Growth Score of D.


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